As marijuana becomes increasingly prevalent, legally available, and socially accepted, many people believe it is harmless and has no potential for addiction. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. If you try to quit using marijuana after becoming physically and psychologically dependent, you will likely experience withdrawal symptoms and powerful cravings that will perpetuate the cycle of substance abuse.

The Reality of Marijuana Withdrawal

Withdrawal from marijuana can manifest in various ways, with some of the most severe symptoms including:

Though these unpleasant symptoms can make it challenging to stop smoking, vaping, or ingesting marijuana products, recovery is possible.

Understanding the Risks

Several factors increase the risk of developing a marijuana use disorder.

  1. Early initiation: People who start using marijuana before 18 are four to seven times more susceptible to becoming addicted later in life.
  2. Potency: The high-THC products available today pose a significant risk. According to one study published in the medical journal Lancet Psychiatry, high-potency strains might increase the addiction risk fourfold.
  3. Brain dependency: As your THC tolerance grows, your brain will begin reducing its natural production of endocannabinoid neurotransmitters. This adaptation can pave the way for dependence.

THC, the main psychoactive component in cannabis, is also different from other substances because it accumulates in fatty tissues. This characteristic means it can linger in your system, remaining detectable in your hair, nails, blood, and urine for several months, depending on individual factors like metabolism and body fat percentage.

The Path to Recovery: Medical Detoxification

The journey to overcoming marijuana dependence often starts with medical detoxification. This process purges your body of toxins and prepares your mind and body to progress through subsequent recovery stages. At Hope Lodge, we offer detox and residential treatment in the same facility, allowing you to seamlessly move into the next phase of the care continuum when you’re ready.

While marijuana detox is less acute and intense than withdrawing from some other substances, it can be a prolonged process. Symptoms may peak a few days after the last use but can extend for two weeks or more. This drawn-out timeline makes it essential to seek professional guidance and support instead of trying to go it alone.

Embracing Recovery

As society’s perspective on marijuana evolves, it’s vital not to ignore the potential risks associated with its use. Recognizing and understanding marijuana withdrawal is a crucial step in getting the help you need to overcome a drug dependence.

At Hope Lodge, we offer a supportive environment, expert knowledge, and the tools necessary for a successful recovery journey. Located in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, our facility provides privacy, discretion, and comfort in a tranquil setting. Our team is ready to take your call, verify your insurance coverage, and answer all your questions.