At Hope Lodge, we provide each client with an individualized program of recovery. Residents participate in one-on-one therapy sessions, group meetings, mindfulness trainings, trauma-first treatment, and more.

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Our Approach

At Hope Lodge, we offer a unique treatment experiences that set us apart. Our small group setting is one of the main advantages of our center, allowing for close collaboration between residents and therapists, with a client to therapist ratio that ensures therapists can provide individualized attention. Our program is based on evidence-based practices for treating withdrawal, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis.

Our flexible outpatient, residential, detox and aftercare programs promote active participation in recovery with the support and guidance of credentialed therapists. The 12 step program forms the foundation of our treatment approach, which has been a cornerstone of maintaining long-term sobriety among our clients. We also incorporate the natural beauty of our location in Costa Mesa and Lake Arrowhead, CA into our program. The outdoors are an essential components of our treatment environment with endless recreational activities.

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Hope Lodge is your gateway to recovery. We focus on what works well and integrate that into all aspects of treatment. Here are some of the reason why our process works. 

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Custom Built:

Hope Lodge was designed specifically for individuals in recovery from addiction. The unique design features and calming atmosphere create a peaceful and nurturing environment for individuals to heal and rebuild their lives.

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Committed Clinicians:

Our staff is committed to providing individualized support and guidance to each resident, ensuring their unique needs are met throughout their time at Hope Lodge.

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Lifelong Bonds:

The time spent at Hope Lodge with others who have shared experiences and similarities bring residents together, creating a supportive network for them to continue to rely on after leaving our facility.

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Outings and Recreation:

Hope Lodge organizes outings and recreational events for residents to feel what a positive environment is like and learn how to have fun in sobriety.

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Boutique Treatment:

Hope Lodge is a 12-bed residence where we provide a highly personalized treatment experience. Our clinicians get to know each client and it is their attention to each resident's unique needs that sets us apart from larger rehabilitation centers.

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Practical Approach:

We foster an environment where residents cannot hide from or dodge the hard work that comes with achieving lasting sobriety. Our supportive and accountable community creates a setting where residents are empowered to make real and lasting changes in their lives.

Recovery Support that Lasts

At Hope Lodge, we prioritize the resident’s individual needs to treat underlying conditions associated with their addiction. This includes trauma informed therapy, individual psychotherapy, mindfulness, process groups and comprehensive short and long term treatment planning. Our close knit environment fosters motivation and willingness for recovery and accountability. Upon leaving, residents have a solid recovery plan for sustained success and will continue to have a support network through the relationships formed during treatment.

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There Is Hope

It’s never too late to find recovery and to experience a happy, fulfilling life. Our addiction recovery facilities have helped thousands of men and women recover from years of substance use disorder. Here, you can find freedom from addiction and the stressors of daily life. Contact our team by phone or our confidential contact form for more information.

“I cannot say enough good things about Hope Lodge in Lake Arrowhead. My spouse was able to his recovery journey there and the positive changes I have seen in him since he left are truly remarkable. The staff at Hope Lodge were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable - always keeping me updated. I would highly recommend Hope Lodge to anyone seeking help for addiction.” ​
Mary M