Costa Mesa Residential Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment in Orange County

At Hope Lodge Costa Mesa, we’ve crafted an empathetic and transformative residential treatment experience, where every aspect of your journey is met with deep understanding and a personalized care plan.  Our sanctuary is one where  your unique story is honored and your individual recovery plan is crafted by experts with tenure in substance use disorder treatment.

A Journey Tailored to Your Life Story

Our small-by-design treatment center ensures personal attention, accountability and group support for a more effective treatment experience. Here, your treatment journey mirrors your life’s narrative – complex, individual, and deserving of focused attention. Whether you’re battling addiction and recent trauma, generational trauma, depression, anxiety or the web of polysubstance abuse, we have recovery solutions that will start to uplift you and reveal new coping mechanisms.

A Mosaic of Healing Experiences

Your treatment plan is a tapestry of therapeutic encounters, each thread representing a different aspect of your healing. Imagine starting your day with a sunrise meditation, followed by an individual counseling session, then finding solace in a creative art therapy class. Your afternoons might include insightful life skills workshops or group sessions on the sand of Newport Beach. Every activity, every therapy session, is a step on your individual path to healing.

The Warmth of a Community

Within our walls, you’ll find a community that genuinely cares – a team of compassionate professionals and fellow journeyers who become your supporters, your mentors, your friends. Our staff-to-client ratio is a promise of attentive, compassionate care.

Experience the Strength of Individual Care

Escape to a place where the breeze carries hope and the sunsets inspire new beginnings. Our inpatient facility is tucked away offering a tranquil backdrop to your healing journey but within minutes of the heart of Orange County. At Hope Lodge, every smile, every encouraging word, and every moment of introspection adds to your story of recovery.