Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is more than the hidden gem of the West Coast—it’s a resort paradise for those seeking sobriety. Enjoy a mixture of outdoor recreation and lakeside contemplation at Hope Lodge.

lake arrowhead

Where Your Problems Feel Small

Nestled in a remote corner of San Bernadino National Forest—“The Alps of Southern California”—you’ll find Lake Arrowhead. Locals say its natural tranquility and beautiful landscape promote healing, and we’re sure you’ll agree. We carefully chose this location for its scenic beauty and proximity to the waterfront. Residents of Hope Lodge enjoy the perfect environment for recovery: far from the vices, stressors, and temptations of daily life. When you’re in the shadow of the mountains, it’s hard to feel overwhelmed by your past. Here, your problems feel small, and the possibilities are infinite.

Get in Touch With the Natural World

Research shows a clear connection between time spent outdoors and mental health. Our center offers activities that get you in touch with the diverse ecosystem surrounding Lake Arrowhead. Hike the trails around Hope Lodge, camp in the forest, kayak across the lake, or dance in the glade. Watch the sun rise and set from our spacious porch.

Specialty wilderness and spiritual treks inspire you to get in touch with yourself and Mother Nature. No matter what you’re fighting, our adventure program can help you find the inner strength needed for lifelong recovery.

Stay at Our Lake Arrowhead Drug Rehab

You can’t heal in the same environment that made you sick. Take a break from daily stressors and recover at our accredited Lake Arrowhead drug rehab. Whether you’re based in Los Angeles or outside of California, we have a place for you. Contact our admissions team to reserve a spot for yourself or a loved one. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.